The Return Finance API is now available: Unlock New Yield Opportunities for Your Users

Return Finance is excited to unveil a transformative addition to our services: the Return Finance API. This cutting-edge tool is designed to empower exchanges, crypto-wallets, neo-banks, and other fintech companies to extend their offerings and reach a broader customer base with high-yield products.

What Is the Return Finance API?

Our REST API is a powerful, user-friendly interface designed to seamlessly integrate DeFi investment opportunities into your existing platform. It allows partners to offer up to 26% Annual Percentage Yield (APY) on USDC and EURC, sourced from a curated selection of DeFi liquidity pools. The API facilitates various use cases, including USDC on-ramping, self-custodial wallet (coming soon), liquidity provisioning, stablecoin vaults, liquidity pool selection, and portfolio management.

Target Market: Expanding Your Reach

Our API is suitable for a wide range of fintech platforms – from exchanges and crypto-wallets to neo-banks and beyond. The Return Finance API is particularly advantageous for companies looking to offer additional yield products to their existing customer base. It opens up DeFi yield access to the vast majority of the population who are not crypto-native, serving as a pivotal customer acquisition tool.

Benefits of Return Finance API

Stablecoin Staking Portfolio: Users can tailor their investment strategies, selecting from a range of protocols and determining their investment size.

Unified DeFi Gateway: Seamless access to multiple liquidity pools across networks through one interface.

Unparalleled Transparency: Complete clarity with audit trails, transaction IDs, and no black boxes.

Effortless Liquidity Provision: Simplifying the process of becoming a Liquidity Provider to just a few clicks.

Zero Gas Fees: Optimizing ROI by eliminating network fees for staking and unstaking.

Admin Dashboard: Comprehensive management tools with detailed reporting for platform operators.

Why Choose Return Finance API?

Return Finance complements third-party vendors by democratizing access to DeFi yields. Our API is designed to be easily integrated into your existing platform, providing a seamless experience for your users and an expanded range of services for your business.

Contact Us to integrate the Return Finance API into your platform and unlock new financial horizons for your users.