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Access the best yields across DeFi from a single app. Search, compare & earn across chains. Your regulated & compliant gateway to DeFi.

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Secure & Compliant

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    VASP authorization no. 306264593
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    VQF SRO membership no. 101140
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    Insurance on custodial assets by Fireblocks

Unified gateway to the best yields

Return Finance offers the highest staking APY across top DeFi platforms like Aave, MakerDAO, and Compound Finance—all within a single app. Seamlessly search, compare, and invest in automated market makers (AMMs) to start earning yield farming rewards in minutes.

  • aave-aave-logo-50x50-px 7.10%
  • compound-comp-logo-50x50 5.70%
  • curve-dao-token-crv-logo-50x50 3.80%
  • maker-mkr-logo-50x50 8.00%

DeFi UX that makes sense

Return Finance transforms your DeFi experience with a user-centric design as intuitive as your favorite banking app. Enjoy seamless and effortless navigation without the complexity and jargon of individual DeFi projects.


Secure & regulated DeFi access

Return Finance provides a secure and compliant gateway into decentralized finance. With EU VASP authorization and membership in the Swiss Financial Services Standards Association (VQF), we uphold the highest standards of regulatory compliance and security, ensuring your investments are protected.

  • regulation Regulation
  • governance Governance
  • compliance Compliance
  • kyc-aml KYC & AML

Unlocking DeFi yields for all

Return Finance offers tailored solutions for retail, corporate, and fintech customers, making high-yield DeFi accessible to everyone.

Return Lite
Return Pro
Return API
Return Finance Lite

Effortlessly convert your USD or Euros to stablecoins and start earning yield instantly with minimal setup.

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Return Finance Pro

Take full control over your investments with our stablecoin staking aggregator, designed for sophisticated investors looking for customized yield farming strategies.

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Corporate treasury

Enhance your corporate treasury strategy with secure and compliant access to premium DeFi protocols, maximizing returns and liquidity.


Return Finance API

Integrate high-yield earning capabilities into your services with our API, offering up to 26% APY on staking.

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Technology Partners

Available protocols

  • Aave V3

    7.10% APY

  • Compound V3

    5.70% APY

  • Curve DEX

    3.80% APY

  • Maker DAO

    8.00% APY

Maximize your earning potential

Unlock market-beating returns by exploring your earning potential with our intuitive DeFi calculator.

Calculate your potential earnings

This calculation is based on 15% APY and it’s for informational purposes only. i The APY provided in this calculator serves only as an illustration. For the actual APY, please refer to the Return Finance app. APY, or Annual Percentage Yield, represents the projected earnings on a deposit account over a year, based on the daily performance.


Initial Deposit



Top Up Deposit

In 1 month you will be earning In 1 year you will be earning In 2 years you will be earning In 3 years you will be earning

With Return

15% APY Earned

With a bank

0.05% APY Earned

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Frequently Asked Questions

What currencies does Return Finance support?

Currently, you can make deposits in both fiat currency – Euro and U.S. Dollar, and stablecoins – USDC (EURC coming soon).

How can I add money to my Return Finance account?

You have several options for adding funds to your account, based on your chosen currency. For fiat currencies, you can use a bank transfer, bank card, or popular payment methods like Apple Pay and Google Pay. Alternatively, you can directly deposit USDC (with EURC coming soon), and we’ll provide you with a personal wallet on a layer 2 network.

Do I have access to my money once I deposit?

There’s no lock-up! You retain access to your deposits and the generated yield, and can withdraw your money at all times without additional fees.

Is Return Finance a regulated company?

Return Finance is authorized in the European Economic Area as a Virtual Asset Service Provider (VASP) by the Financial Crime Investigation Service (FCIS) of Lithuania; no. 306264593. Our license allows us to operate in all 27 EU member states and ensures we follow strict KYC and AML/CTF procedures. We are also an SRO member of the Financial Services Standards Association (VQF) in Switzerland; membership no. 101140.

Is Return Finance a secure service?

Your assets’ safety is paramount. To make our application robust and reliable, we’ve built an institutional-grade infrastructure, and we partner with industry-leading RegTech companies like SumSub, Moonpay, Chainalysis, and Circle. Custodial assets are insured through our wallet provider, Fireblocks. We employ two-factor authentication and achieve regulatory compliance through leak-proof AML and KYC checks. The Return smart contracts have been rigorously audited by weiChain. For transparency, we invite you to inspect the audits at https://docs.return.finance/audits

Risk Warning

Investments in stablecoins, crypto-assets, and decentralized finance (DeFi) products are not risk-free. These investments can be subject to significant market volatility and other risk factors. Please refer to our risk factors for further information.