Earn up to 10%
annually on your money

Return is a user-friendly savings application that lets you earn up to a 10% Annual Percentage Yield (APY) on your Euro and U.S. Dollars from DeFi markets.

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Why Choose Us

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    Watch your money grow in real time
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    Low minimum deposit
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    No monthly service fees
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    No lock-up period
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    Secure, transparent and decentralized
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    Quick access and easy withdrawal

Turn your savings into a source
for passive income

Return offers a simple and secure way to make your money work for you.

Calculate your potential earnings

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Initial Deposit



Top Up Deposit

In 1 month you will be earning In 1 year you will be earning In 2 years you will be earning In 3 years you will be earning

With Return


6.5% APY Earned

With a bank


0.05% APY Earned

It only takes a minute to sign up!

Return is the fastest and simplest way to put your money to work.

1. Create and verify your Return account
2. Add money & start earning
3. Withdraw anytime you want

Start earning with Return

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Your money is safe

Return is a fully-regulated fintech company that works only with recognized and regulated partners. We use the latest security and cryptographic standards to offer a product that is compliant and insured through our suppliers to provide comfort to depositors.

  • regulation Regulation
  • governance Governance
  • compliance Compliance
  • kyc-aml KYC & AML

A better way to maximise your savings

With rising inflation and falling bank interest rates, decentralised finance (DeFi) grows as a secure and regulated way for individuals to generate high annual returns on their money and participate in shaping the future of finance.

Learn more about generating yields


Get to your goals faster, let your savings work for you

Save faster for your kids’ tuition, dream home, car and whatever you wish for.

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