Benqi Protocol Now Available on Return Pro

We are excited to announce that the Benqi protocol is now supported on Return Finance Pro! This addition marks a significant enhancement to our platform, offering you more opportunities to earn yield on your USDC through one of Avalanche’s top DeFi protocols.

Why Benqi?

Benqi is a leading lending protocol on Avalanche, renowned for its seamless integration with Avalanche’s C-Chain and robust security with audited smart contracts. By staking your USDC on Benqi via Return Pro, you can enjoy impressive yields and contribute to a decentralized financial ecosystem.

“We’re thrilled to introduce Benqi to our platform, adding a new earning stream for Return Finance users. Benqi is one of the leading protocols on Avalanche and among the most exciting in the DeFi space. This integration reflects our commitment to curating sustainable earning opportunities for Return Pro users.” – Daniel Ishag, Co-Founder & CEO, Return Finance


How to Get Started

Supplying USDC to Benqi through Return Pro is straightforward:

  1. Top Up Your USDC Vault: Ensure your vault has sufficient USDC.
  2. Go to Protocols Dashboard: Navigate to the Protocols section within the app.
  3. Select Benqi: Choose Benqi from the list of available protocols.
  4. Stake Your Desired Sum: Enter the amount of USDC you want to stake.
  5. Start Earning Rewards: Begin earning yield immediately.
Key Benefits of Using Benqi on Return Pro
  • High Yields: Benefit from competitive APYs on your USDC.
  • User-Friendly Interface: Enjoy the familiar and intuitive design of Return Pro.
  • No Gas Fees: We cover all gas fees for staking, unstaking, and restaking.
  • Full Transparency: Track your investments with full audit trails and transaction hashes.

Stay tuned for more updates and new protocol integrations as we strive to provide the most comprehensive and rewarding DeFi experience on Return Pro. Happy earning!

About Return Finance

Return Finance is a fully regulated platform offering a cross-chain gateway to the highest DeFi yields on stablecoins. We are recognized by EU VASP and are members of the VQF SRO in Switzerland, ensuring top-tier compliance and security for our users’ investments.