Introducing Return Pro: Revolutionizing Your DeFi Experience

In an ever-evolving digital finance landscape, Return Finance is thrilled to announce a groundbreaking update set to redefine how you earn from Decentralized Finance (DeFi).

What is Return Finance Pro?

This enhanced version of the application allows you to achieve even higher returns on your savings by opening up numerous yield generation opportunities across the DeFi landscape. Return Pro is the first app to offer a unified interface for investing in liquidity pools across various networks. It gives you complete control over your investments, while maintaining the simplicity and transparency Return Finance is renowned for.

How Does That Work?

Return Finance Pro offers a new user experience to the original Return Finance app, now called Return Finance Lite. In Lite, once your account is topped up, fiat money gets converted to stablecoins. These in turn get automatically invested, a.k.a. staked, in automated market maker protocols, allowing you to start earning immediately.

In Pro, your converted stablecoins are stored in a vault — a wallet, where you yourself authorize all investments. Our new Liquidity Pools aggregator provides a curated list of staking options, allowing you to you explore AMM protocols, their total value locked, and the yields they offer. This enables you to design your very own staking portfolio and determine its risk profile.

Once you’ve chosen a liquidity pool, staking is done with a few clicks and costs you no gas fees. Easy right? That’s our motto – we democratize the access to DeFi earnings for everyone, regardless of their experience level.

Why Go Pro?

Here are just a few of the benefits you’ll enjoy with Return Finance Pro:

Full Control, Your Way: Tailor your staking portfolio and risk profile by selecting protocols, APY, and determining investment size.

Effortless Liquidity Provision: No wallet setup, protocol connections or purchasing additional tokens – stake with a few clicks on your smartphone.

Unified DeFi Gateway: Access and invest across multiple liquidity pools on diverse networks, all through a single interface.

Zero Gas Fees: Stake and unstake without the burden of network fees, maximizing your returns.

Curated Selection: Say goodbye to endless research. Discover handpicked, viable protocols in a streamlined manner.

Transparent Growth: Watch your investments grow daily with a full auditable investment trail.

How to Get Pro?

Return Finance Pro is available to all mobile users at no extra charge — simply make sure you’re on the latest version. To access the new functionalities, go to the Profile dashboard and use the Pro slider. We highly recommend taking the free tour to familiarize yourself with the new UI. Note: The Pro experience is not yet available on the web app, but our team is working tirelessly to provide it soon.

New to Return Finance? Download the app from the App Store and Play Store, and start unlocking your saving’s true potential today!