World's first stablecoin staking aggregator

Return Finance Pro is the best way to make your stablecoins work for you. Enjoy one-click staking on any chain with no gas fees.

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Available protocols

  • Aave V3

    7.10% APY

  • Compound V3

    5.70% APY

  • Curve DEX

    3.80% APY

  • Maker DAO

    8.00% APY

Why stake with Return Pro

  • Full Control, Your Way

    Tailor your staking portfolio and risk profile by selecting protocols, APY, and determining investment size.

  • Effortless Liquidity Provision

    No wallet setup, protocol connections or purchasing additional tokens - stake with a few clicks on your smartphone.

  • Unified DeFi Gateway

    Access and invest across multiple liquidity pools on diverse networks, all through a single interface.

  • Zero Gas Fees

    Stake and unstake without the burden of network fees, maximizing your returns.

  • Curated Selection

    Say goodbye to endless research. Discover handpicked, viable protocols in a streamlined manner.

  • Transparent Growth

    Watch your investments grow daily with a full auditable investment trail.

It only takes a few clicks!

Return Pro offers the most streamlined way to provide liquidity to DeFi protocols and build your own staking portfolio.

1. Switch to Return Pro
2. Add money to stablecoin vault
3. Select liquidity pool
4. Decide your staking amount
5. Watch your funds grow

Try the Return App

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Supported networks

  • avax-avalanche-logo
  • base-logo-in-blue
  • ethereum-eth-logo
  • polygon-matic-logo

Coming soon

  • arbitrum-arb-logo
  • bnb-bnb-logo
  • gnosis-gno-gno-logo
  • sui-sui-logo-2

Security at the heart of everything we do

  • Robust Infrastructure

    State-of-the-art technology, ensuring your staking experience is smooth and secure.

  • Audited Smart Contract

    We're validated by weiChain, an industry name you can trust.

  • VASP Authorization

    Compliant and regulated in the EU, guaranteeing your peace of mind.

Ready to redefine your DeFi experience?


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Frequently Asked Questions

How is Return Finance Pro different from other staking platforms?

Unlike other platforms and “Earn” programs, Return Pro provides complete control and transparency over your investment choices. You can explore a variety of protocols across different networks, assess their yield and total value locked, and make informed decisions about your stakes. A comprehensive auditable trail ensures your investment is tracked and managed as you envision.

Which digital assets are currently supported for staking in Return Pro?

At present, Return Pro facilitates the staking of USDC and EURC.

How can I activate Return Pro?

Switching to the Return Pro mode is straightforward. Simply use the toggle in the Profile dashboard. Before investing, we recommend going through the demo tour to familiarize yourself with the new UI and functionalities.

What happened to the original Return Finance app?

The original app, now referred to as Lite mode, remains unchanged and functions as before. Until you switch to Pro mode, you'll continue to enjoy the same features.

What distinguishes Return Pro from Return Lite?

In Lite mode, your deposited US Dollars and Euros are automatically converted into stablecoins and staked in the default liquidity pools, allowing you to start earning yield immediately. In contrast, Pro mode converts your fiat currency into stablecoins that are placed in a vault. From there, you have the freedom to choose how much to stake and in which liquidity pools.

Can I switch between Lite and Pro mode whenever I wish?

Yes, you can easily switch between the two modes using the toggle on the Profile dashboard. Please note that any funds staked in Pro mode in protocols different from the default will be displayed in your Lite dashboard under 'Pro Balance.' However, to manage these funds, you'll need to switch back to Pro mode.

Risk Warning

Investments in stablecoins, crypto-assets, and decentralized finance (DeFi) products are not risk-free. These investments can be subject to significant market volatility and other risk factors. Please refer to our risk factors for further information.