How is yield generated?

Updated 2 months ago

Annual Percentage Yield (APY) on your deposited funds is generated by providing liquidity — commonly referred to as staking — to leading DeFi protocols, coupled with the use of governance token rewards. We present two options:
1. The Lite mode of our app offers immediate and hassle-free access to solid returns by automatically converting your fiat money to stablecoins and staking them in the app’s default protocols. Currently, the default protocols are MakerDAO on the Ethereum blockchain for USDC, and Curve DEX on the Ethereum network for EURC.
2. The Pro version is designed for users seeking full control over their investments and aiming to explore greater earning opportunities. Your fiat money gets automatically converted to stablecoins and put in the respective stablecoin vault. From this vault, users can stake, unstake and restake accross the selection of AMM protocols  and chains supported by the Return Finance application. For the most up-to-date information on supported protocols make sure to check the Return Finance Pro webpage.