What is the “Invite & Earn” referral program?

Updated 2 months ago

The “Invite & Earn” referral program allows you to get $15 for each friend that registers to Return Finance with your referral code. Even better – each of you get $15! All you have to do is follow the three easy steps:

  1. Invite a friend by sending them your referral code
  2. They must register, pass the KYC verification and deposit at least $50/€50/50 USDC

  3. Your account should be verified and have at least $50/€50/50 USDC of deposits to be eligible for the reward.

  4. Both of you get $15!

Reward usage:

The $15 reward is added to your balance but it can not be withdrawn and spent for a period of 12 months! It is used only to generate yield during that time.