Return Finance: The smart and transparent way to real savings and returns

Looking for a smart, secure, and straightforward way to grow your savings? Look no further. Return Finance is here to transform how you achieve your financial goals. Unlock up to 10% APY on your savings with the possibilities of decentralized finance (DeFi). Interested? Let’s dive in!

What is Return Finance? 

Return Finance is a user-friendly high yield savings application built to address the lack of equitable interest on deposits in today’s traditional savings products. With Return, you get easy access to decentralized finance, where you can enjoy market-beating returns on your money. How does that work?  We convert your Euros or U.S. Dollars into EURC or USDC stablecoins, crypto assets whose value is pegged 1:1 to the respective fiat currency. Then, we use these stablecoins to provide liquidity into established DeFi protocols, where you earn rewards and generate up to 10% yield.

Simplicity: Earning Yield Made Effortless

Sounds simple, right? Well, democratizing the access to decentralized finance is what we’re all about. Traditionally, putting money inside DeFi has required hours of research and numerous steps, not to mention the high transaction (gas) fees. But with Return Finance, you’ll start earning within just 5 minutes*—just register, transfer money and watch your savings goals get closer. Plus, we’ll cover the gas fees for you!


Transparency and Compliance: A Safer Approach to DeFi

Sounds too good to be true?  Well, it shouldn’t – we go out of our way to do things differently. We understand that taking care of everything behind the scenes, especially in the crypto space, might raise eyebrows. But we have nothing to hide. With Return Finance, you can access a full auditable trail of your money, complete with transaction IDs, wallet addresses, and smart contract details. Want to know our financial standing? We provide proof of reserves for you to assess any time you wish.


We are committed to good governance and compliance, and we proudly hold a Virtual Asset Service Provider (VASP) authorization, allowing us to operate across the entire European Union. Every user undergoes leak-proof KYC (Know Your Customer) and AML (Anti-Money Laundering) checks. Moreover, we only partner with market leaders in the RegTech industry to ensure our app is robust and reliable. The security of your funds is of utmost importance to us.

Ready to Make a Smart Move?

Adding money inside Return Finance is done in the following ways. You can top up Euro via bank transfer, or USD via bank card and popular payment services like Apple Pay and Google Pay. 

Alternatively, you can transfer USDC (EURC coming soon) directly, for which we’ll provide you with a personal wallet address on the Polygon network.

You can get started with as little as 50 bucks** and we charge no monthly service fees. What’s more, there is no lock-up period, and you can access and withdraw your money at any time without fees.

So, what are you waiting for? Download Return Finance today from the App Store or Play Store and take the first step towards smarter, safer, and more equitable savings.

*Subject to compliance with our Terms and Conditions.

**The minimum deposit requirement and other terms and conditions of this financial app are subject to change from time to time at our sole discretion. We reserve the right to modify or update these terms without prior notice. Users are advised to regularly review the app’s terms and conditions to stay informed about any changes. Continued use of the app following modifications implies acceptance of the revised terms.