Enjoy the best yields on your stablecoins

Return Finance is a user-friendly gateway into earning from the best DeFi stablepools. Enjoy one-click staking on any chain with no gas fees.

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Exclusive Offer for Pumpcoinbets NFT & Crypto Gems Community

Enter this special giveaway and get 15 USDC bonus on your deposits.

Return Finance is the most streamlined way to unlock high yields on your stablecoins. With Return, you can deposit liquidity to the leading AMM protocols from a single interface and build your own multi-chain staking portfolio. And even better, we’ll cover the gas fees for staking and unstaking your coins. To help you kick-start your DeFi journey, we’ll top up your balance with a bonus 15 USDC.

Here’s how to get them:

1. Download the Return Finance app from the App Store, Play Store or sing up on our web app.

2. Use the PUMPCOINBETS referral code. Select “I have a referral code” upon app launch and enter it.

3. Verify your account. More information on account verification can be found here.

4. Fund your account with 50 USDC to your personal wallet address on the Polygon network as seen in the app.

5. Join our official Telegram channel by going to Profie -> Join us on Telegram.

Upon completing these steps, the 15 USDC bonus will be credited to your account, ready for yield earning, but locked for withdrawal for 4 months. Keep a minimum balance of 50 USDC to ensure withdrawal eligibility.

Terms and conditions apply to this campaign. Please see here for details.

Available protocols

  • aave-aave-logo
  • compound-comp-logo
  • convex-logo
  • curve-dao-logo
  • maker-logo

How is yield generated?

Return enables you to earn a high APY on your stablecoins by supplying them as liquidity inside leading DeFi protocols and utilizing governance token rewards. Depending on your preferred level of involvement and risk tolerance, you can choose between two experiences. The Return Lite mode offers the quickest and easiest way to start earning: your stablecoins are automatically staked, allowing you to begin generating rewards immediately. The Return Pro mode, grants you complete control over your investment and unlocks additional yield opportunities across various blockchain networks.

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Security at the heart of everything we do

  • Robust Infrastructure

    State-of-the-art technology, ensuring your staking experience is smooth and secure.

  • Audited Smart Contract

    We're validated by weiChain, an industry name you can trust.

  • VASP Authorization

    Compliant and regulated in the EU, guaranteeing your peace of mind.

Our Investors

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Frequently Asked Questions

What referral code should I use?

Use PUMPCOINBETS to participate in this exclusive offer.

Can I claim the 15 USDC if I forgot to input the referral code?

The process is automated; if you missed entering the code, reinstall the app and start anew. For assistance, contact us on Telegram.

Can I access my funds after depositing?

Absolutely! There's no lock-up period for your deposits or the yield they generate. However, the 15 USDC bonus requires maintaining a minimum balance for four months for withdrawal eligibility.

Where are my 15 USDC allocated?

Once you meet all eligibility criteria, we'll deposit your 15 USDC bonus into the default MakerDAO protocol within 24 hours. This allows your funds to start generating yield right away. If you're using Return Pro, you have the flexibility to unstake these funds and invest them in any of our supported protocols, tailoring your investment strategy to your preferences.

Where can I find staking options?

Initially, you’ll be in Lite mode. Switch to Return Pro via the Profile dashboard toggle to access our full range of AMM protocols. We recommend taking our demo tour to get acquainted with the features and UI.

What sets Return Finance Pro apart?

Return Pro offers unparalleled control and insight over your DeFi investments compared to other platforms. Choose from a broad selection of protocols across various networks, with complete transparency, an auditable investment trail, and no hidden fees or processes.

Risk Warning

Investments in stablecoins, crypto-assets, and decentralized finance (DeFi) products are not risk-free. These investments can be subject to significant market volatility and other risk factors. Please refer to our terms of use for further information.