USDC staking,

Earn high yields on your stablecoins from DeFi markets. Easily stake USDC on any chain with just a few clicks, and no gas fees. Invest with confidence and watch your money grow.

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Flexible yield generation

Return enables you to earn a high APY on your stablecoins by staking them in leading DeFi protocols and utilizing governance token rewards. Depending on your preferred level of involvement and risk tolerance, you can choose between two experiences. The Return Lite mode offers the quickest and easiest way to start earning: your stablecoins are automatically staked, allowing you to begin generating rewards immediately. The Return Pro mode, grants you complete control over your investment and unlocks additional yield opportunities across various blockchain networks.

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Access DeFi without the hassle

Putting funds into the DeFi market can be intimidating, but with Return, you don't have to worry about complicated processes. Our user-friendly application simplifies the process into three simple steps - open a verified account, deposit USDC, and start generating yields.


Keep control of your finances with full transparency

With Return, you can have peace of mind knowing that your funds are fully traceable. Our platform provides a transparent and auditable trail of the flow of your money. Wallet addresses, smart contracts, protocols - every step is visible, so you can deposit with confidence.


Keep fees to a minimum

We dislike fees as much as you do. So, Return has no monthly services fees and no lock-up period for your funds, meaning you can withdraw your stablecoins at any time without penalty. Moreover, by depositing with us, you incur no gas fees on your transactions.


Security & compliance at the heart of what we do

Return is a fully-regulated fintech company that works only with recognized and regulated partners. We use the latest security standards to offer a product that is compliant and insured so that we can provide you with a trustworthy service.


Don’t sit on your USDC
Make it work for you

Return offers a simple and secure way to earn passive income.

Calculate your potential earnings

This calculation is based on 15% APY and it’s for informational purposes only. i The APY provided in this calculator serves only as an illustration. For the actual APY, please refer to the Return Finance app. APY, or Annual Percentage Yield, represents the projected earnings on a deposit account over a year, based on the daily performance.


Initial Deposit



Top Up Deposit

In 1 month you will be earning In 1 year you will be earning In 2 years you will be earning In 3 years you will be earning

With Return


15% APY Earned

With a bank


0.05% APY Earned

It only takes a minute to sign up!

Return is the fastest and simplest way to put your money to work.

1. Create and verify your Return account
2. Add money & start earning
3. Withdraw anytime you want

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Risk Warning

Investments in stablecoins, crypto-assets, and decentralized finance (DeFi) products are not risk-free. These investments can be subject to significant market volatility and other risk factors. Please refer to our terms of use for further information.